PBW and Tracy Yatsko In Action

This morning in the Morning Call, John L. Micek wrote about the concussion legislation in Pennsylvania and how the push is on to make it final.  While reading through it, at the very end our contributor and Project Brain Wave Advocate, Tracy Yatsko had some very clear and powerful words;

Tracy Yatsko, 23, a former basketball star at Tamaqua Area High School until a head injury ended her playing career in 2005, told a crowd in the Capitol rotunda that “this bill should not be about safety and politics. It should be about our safety and protection. We deserve action.”

Thanks Tracy!

The Morning Call Responds

The Morning Call newspaper has responded to the editorial/opinion of columnist Paul Carpenter (our take here), by printing some responses the paper received after the publishing of the column.  Included in the article were responses from the bill sponsor, State Senator Pat Browne, President of PA Athletic Trainer’s Society, Gregory Jank, and three other athletic trainers.

You can read the article in full HERE.  This was a class move by The Morning Call and along with this Carpenter is set to respond tomorrow as well.

I would like to say thank you to all that took the time to respectfully and professionally respond to the Morning Call and Mr. Carpenter, as action has been taken and will be further examined in tomorrows column.

PA Approves Bill

The Pennsylvania State Legislature, through its House Education Committee approved a bill about interscholastic concussions.  The aim is to protect the player.  Not unlike the current NFHS guidelines if a player is showing signs and symptoms they are to be removed until cleared by a medical professional.  In related action the vote was 11-10 to not hold umpires, officials, referees accountable if they miss such issues.