Gronk: Epitome Of The NFL

Although the awareness is much better, there still remains a stigma associated with concussions.  This problem is not just an NFL problem, it is a sports problem; from the professional level all the way down to youth leagues.  Nothing more clearly shows this than a comment from Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots last night.

After landing on his head and stumbling to his feet (watching the replay you can see a concerned official come racing in to check on him), he emphatically spiked the ball and resumed play.  The initial reaction was very similar to other incidents where the results were concussions or even “dirt in the eye”.  When asked about it “Gronk” laughed it off saying; “I remember the moment and everything… If I didn’t I still wouldn’t even say I didn’t. I’m trying to play this week.” (Also covered on ProFootballTalk)

This comment was on the post game interview on ESPN and really didn’t surprise me one bit.  Players are conditioned Continue reading