More Mythbusting

Appearing in’s RoyalOakPatch, Dr. Neal Alpiner of the Beaumont Children’s Hospital debunked six common myths about adolescent concussions;

Myth No. 1: Most athletes know when they’ve experienced a concussion.
Not so, said Alpiner.

“That ‘wow’ moment is rare,” he said. “It’s really important that teammates, trainers, coaches and parents understand the seriousness of concussions. This includes the symptoms and the need for timely medical treatment. Athletes may not recognize changes in their own behavior and thinking.”

Myth No. 2: Concussions are always a result of high impact.

Myth No. 3: If a young athlete doesn’t lose consciousness, he did not suffer a concussion.

Myth No. 4: Boys are at greater risk than girls for concussions. Continue reading