Carey Price and MTL Canadian Issues

A huge shout out to Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette for jumping on this story from the get-go and now he has exposed even more troubling issues with how this concussion was actually handled.  Lets remind people: that even though they call it “mild” there is nothing mild about any concussion.

Hickey has discovered that the Price injury did not occur recently (as they suggested in his previous story above), the Canadians actually mentioned his injury occurred on March 20th, this creates major issues;

That leads to the second issue and this one is a bit troubling. The March 20 date for the Desharnais hit means that Price played four games after suffering concussion. It means that he took seven flights, which any doctor will tell you isn’t advised.

The delay between the initial contact and Price’s decision Sunday to tell the team’s medical staff that he was having headaches and they weren’t going away indicates that the National Hockey League’s program to identify and treat concussions isn’t going to work if the players don’t recognize the fact they are injured. Continue reading

Some NHL Teams Live in the Absurd

What is so absurd about calling a concussion a concussion…  NOTHING.  However one example of a team going to the absurd to avoid the actual word is the Montreal Canadians.  Pat Hickey of the Montreal Gazette (via Yahoo! Sports) wrote about this ridiculousness occurring around Carey Price;

“He’s experiencing a lot of things that a lot of other guys are experiencing, and I think it’s still up in the air as to how to go about treating what we just term as headaches,” Cunneyworth said. “We’ve talked about this before, confusing the flu-like symptoms with the other things that go on. At this point, we’re just evaluating a guy that obviously we’re going to take our time with and make sure the process is taken care of.”

Yeah you are seeing that correct teams are now using the “flu-like symptom” tag on players experiencing dizziness, headaches and fatigue; interestingly Continue reading