Orlando Hudson

Yesterday in Florida, Orlando Hudson (of the San Diego Padres) made a terrific effort and catch in foul territory, however what happened after will be a point of discussion. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO (from MLB.com).

Hudson made the catch and his momentum caused him to collide with the wall (padded), striking his head/shoulder first.  It was apparent that Hudson was out after the catch, later to be confirmed by his manager;

“It was a scary moment,” manager Bud Black told the Associated Press. “When a guy goes unconscious, you’re worried. Any sort of collision with a wall or a teammate is just a sickening feeling in your stomach, and I think we all had that.”

The athletic trainers ran onto the field to assess the situation, once there, it was deemed necessary to stabilize his neck and put him on a spine board for medical evacuation.  As he left the field Hudson was moving all extremities and even gave a thumbs up.  Reports later had Hudson walking and changing his clothes just after being removed from the field, while wearing his neck brace.  He later went to the hospital for a full exam including imaging (which has come back as normal).

This is a perfect example of what can happen on the baseball field and the great reaction of the medical team, however judgement is still out on how the player and team handle the actual situation.  Continue reading