Week 6 Open Thread

Let us all rejoice in NFL football once again, as we watch our favorite teams and those teams that are carrying some of our money on the outcome, you can post and comment all day long here.  A quick flashback to MNF.

This is video of the hit that resulted in a concussion for Tony Scheffler, as well as a flag and fine for Brian Urlacher.  The game is vicious, Scheffler had to spend the night in the hospital and if not for sitting out a week no one would have known.  He walked away, seemingly normal and the next thing anyone knew he was in the CT tube.

Time to flip over to the RedZone.  Since the Broncos are on a bye and most of my fantasy team is on a bye (not Broncos) today I will be finishing up the random helmet survey for our 2011 “official” numbers, let the smack talk begin.

13:42CST: extremely quiet, not much happening on the concussion front at this time, which is a good thing…  I have finished my intended sample of helmets in the league.  Really wish I had actual numbers, but the current break down shows an increase in Schutt helmets this year from 27% last year to 36% this year.  Still way to many VSR4’s on the field, but each player has their own choice.

Most likely going to finish up with some extra helmet gathering this afternoon…

14:15CST: “Dirt In The Face”…  That is the report from the Eagles via FOX, according to many sources…  When is a motionless, unsteady, “groggy appearing” player just effected by dirt in the face?  How about the fact that not only his teammates, but the opponent was helping him stand and motioned for medical help.  The players knew…