SCORE by UM NeuroSport

A program run by the University of Michigan, Sports Concussion Online Resources & Education (SCORE), has developed another educational video for coaches about concussions.  It is specifically run by Michigan NeuroSport;

Michigan NeuroSport is a team of physicians, researchers and medical personnel which provides comprehensive and advanced treatment of neurologic disease. We specialize in the treatment and prevention of neurological sports injuries, as well as the management of primary neurological diseases in the athlete.

This online course emphasizes that it takes a team to recognize the symptoms of a concussion, therefore everyone should know what they should be looking for in the instances of injury.  It takes quick registration to complete the tutorial and for those in Michigan this is a must to be up to date on the most recent information.

Thanks to Brad Shannon for the heads up…

Exciting New Online Education

I was recently contacted by Sport Safety International to take a look at and provide feedback to online concussion education courses.  We do get a lot of these type of emails, usually with flattering introductions trying to get publicity.  And to be honest as time warrants I do my best to investigate every single one of them.  You have seen that I have looked at and informed the audience about many products and services for concussions.  So this was somewhat routine for me, to take a look and give honest feedback (sometimes the feedback is not what companies and people want or expected to hear).  However Sport Safety International has something that was not only worth every second of my time, but worth ANYONE’S time.

I am gladly going to go as far as promoting this service, mainly because it is FREE to coaches, athletes and parents (see general public).  Here is their own words; Continue reading