Cantu Now Following Us?

OK that is highly unlikely and very egotistical of us to think so, but really if you look at what is coming out of “Camp Cantu” (as Matt Chaney says), they seem to be touting what we have been saying since last year;

But Schneider said doctors on both sides of the table agreed on an important new theory on concussion recovery, one that may account for the extended absences of players such as Crosby and Staal.

“Dr. Ann McKee confirmed that she believes that you can probably heal from the first concussion given time, that you definitely can fully recover and come back and be 100%,” Schneider said . “So that’s what a lot of people are afraid of. They think once you get the big concussion, you’re scarred for life and can’t recover. But her belief — and obviously they’re still developing a lot of things, but she believes, and is in agreement with what our doctors really felt, that if you take your time out and get your proper healing time, then you can fully recover from the brain trauma.” Continue reading