Tuesday Quick Hits

We have been offering suggestions to the NHL on how to change the game for the past few weeks (see here and here), as you go through the searches more and more people are doing the same, especially up north.  The Globe and Mail with author David Shoalts proposed most of the same information we had;

  • Culture change (respect)
  • Equipments
  • Treatment
    • “The NHL should tap into the long list of reputable concussion experts willing to help and develop a sensible plan for treating concussions. Then it should get the National Hockey League Players’ Association to join it in strongly encouraging the players to follow it.”
  • Rule changes (see outlawing all head contact)
  • Game changes (see speed)
  • Fighting

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Wuss-ification? Seriously?

I was planning on writing a post about fatigue experienced after a brain injury, but last night (Saturday, March 5th) I caught some of ‘The Hotstove’ segment on Hockey Night in Canada and I had to write about it.

The last three minutes of the March 5th ‘The Hotstove’ is Mike Milbury railing against NHL-sanctioned violence and it’s definitely worth watching if only to see and hear the indignation with which his views are met by the three other panelists.  Pierre Lebrun (also a columnist with ESPN) actually uses the imaginary word “wuss-ification” when Milbury talks about changing the way the NHL looks at fighting.  Eric Francis (Calgary Sun), with one incredulous and contemptuous glare at Milbury shows us how this subject will likely be viewed by, not only the fan-base but, the traditional NHL media.  Milbury really hits a nerve when he suggests that fighting is part of the game because we (fans) “like it”.  This prompts proverbial ‘whoa’s and ‘pfff’s from the rest of the panel.  The ever-sagacious Ron Maclean says he likes “the threat of a fight”.  I like Ron Maclean, I think he does a great job, he’s smart and quick; unfortunately Continue reading