NHL Concussion Report 12/8/11

Last month during our concussion report for the NHL we noted an encouraging decrease (23%) in concussions/head injuries over the previous year.  Now that difference is (2%) as 13 more injuries have been exposed over the past month.  One situation we will not be classifying is the current Sidney Crosby issues.

Crosby and the Penguins are making a bold and correct statement by not traveling with the team during the current road trip.  Reportedly Crosby is not quite 100% and the team does not want to take the chance of another concussion occurring after a big hit he sustained in the previous game.

It is worth noting that in the associated article that Sidney “passed” his ImPACT test but still is being held out of action.  We have heard from many entities (including uninformed school boards/districts) that passing a nerocognitive test (ImPACT in almost all cases) would be enough to allow a player to continue.  Continue reading