Zurich 2008 & NFL

Yesterday during the games I tweeted a couple of times eluding to the Zurich 2008 Statement on Sports Concussions.  I use this as the current benchmark, because it is exactly that, CURRENT.  Granted some people have expanded on Zurich, now a three-year old consensus statement – for example our protocol now adds a step between current 1 and 2 for return to play.

However, the Zurich Statement is the best we have.  Arising from a group of international scientists it provides the best start in this ever-changing arena.  In 2006 from Prague the group took out grading and the term “mild” from the concussion arena.  In 2008 the group provided what most wanted to know a return to play guideline.

How does this all relate to the NFL?  If you look at the statement closely you will find that there is an actual section that deals with entities like the NFL and return to play on the same day.  It does not use the NFL specifically but looking at the section it is pretty logical to think that is what is meant (bolded is my emphasis); Continue reading