NFL New Guidelines

As reported earlier, the National Football League will be using standardized testing for concussions, as well as tightened down return to play protocol.  Gary Mihoches of USAToday wrote about it this evening;

The league will utilize “standardized” sideline procedures for assessing whether players have sustained concussions during a game or practice and whether they have crossed the “No Go” threshold for removal.

The Associated Press reported that 154 concussions occurred during games and practices in the first eight weeks of last season.

The meat and potatoes of the article is the actual test that will be used.  Both the baseline test and the post injury test will be used allowing for a clear comparison of the player.  This tool makes is much more quantifiable for those treating the injury, as well it provides “black and white” answers to the player.  This test can be administered in 15-20 minutes and will encompass cognitive and balance assessments, it was derived from the SCAT2 from the Zürich Conference.

The other part of this article that I find intriguing is the number you see above.  Continue reading