Deadspin Takes on Scholarships and Concussions

Emma Carmichael of wrote an article about how schools have, and in the future will, handle the scholarships of players who have to “retire” due to concussions.  Emma highlighted the cases of the four players in the past year that have had to call it careers, with the catalyst being Steven Threet of Arizona State.

But concussions can’t be planned around graduations. And at some point soon, thanks in large part to the bad incentives created by the NCAA’s one-year, renewable scholarship, an athletic department somewhere will have to choose between expediency and simple humanity, and an athlete somewhere else will have to choose between his scholarship and his health.

There is no legal obligation for the Universities/Colleges to maintain the financial aid given to the student-athlete.  In reality if the institutions were to pull the scholarship the message would be clear; football is more important Continue reading