Another “Retirement” In College Football

Nolan Brewster of the University of Texas has become the latest player in college football “retiring” due to head injury.  Brewster has been told that continuing in the sport he loves would not be good for his overall health.  As recently as September 17th Brewster was dealing with the demons of concussion;

“I started to worry about getting a migraine or a concussion with every hit,” Brewster said. “The UCLA game (Sept. 17) was really the tipping point where I had to come out of the game and they diagnosed me with a severe concussion. When we got back to Austin, [team trainer Kenny Boyd] had me go through a series of tests…and they all felt like it would be best for me to stop playing.”

“It’s something we’ve been monitoring very closely,” Boyd added. “We’ve talked to Nolan and his family extensively about the situation…we felt it was in Nolan’s best interest to no longer play football.”

It’s always disappointing when a kid has to give up football because of a medical condition, but safety comes first, and the good news is that Brewster will be able to stay on scholarship while he continues school.

Unfortunately for the players we are seeing more of this, but fortunately there are people looking out for the welfare of the players.  John Gonoude will keep us up to date on the happenings in college football as the season progresses.