File This Under: Bad Idea

NBC Washington is reporting that three high school football players were hurt during a “combine” like event.  The injury, wait for it, CONCUSSIONS; one with a skull fracture, Joseph Cammarata a lawyer representing the players;

“Each of those children suffered a concussion — a brain injury. One of the children had his skull fractured and was bleeding on the brain. Another child has no real recollection of what went on that day.”

What is more, is that NONE of the participants were in protective gear and were TOLD to take a run at one another, creating a collision.  For those three this resulted in concussions;

“They were sent on a collision course, unknown to them,” Cammarata said. “The coaches blew their whistle, told them to run toward each other, and when they got to the middle of the field, they collided with each other.”

Obviously Cammarata is citing lack of supervision and negligence, making the case for knowingly putting the students at risk.  The camp organizer has responded;

Wayne Yarborough, the organizer of the event, said parents knew what was going on at the training camp and knew there was a risk of injury. Parents signed waivers and released the camp and its organizers of liability.

Uh, I don’t know what to say other than this was a terrible idea.  (Thanks to J. Nash for passing this along)