Information and Reserach about HBOT

If you recall we have posted about hyperbaric oxygen therapy for TBI and concussions; mainly about how there seems to be promise shown but little research that is accepted/supported for that.  Now the Navy League of the United States is giving a presentation on HBOT for treating Veterans.

The event is November 9th in Arlington, Virginia; granted a lot of you reading will not be able to go, but perhaps you know someone (that knows someone) that would be interested in the DC area.  Here is the press release I challenge people to find someone to attend (I called my uncle);

IEDs cause over 70% of U. S. Casualties in Afghanistan. TBI and PTSD have become the “Signature Injuries” of that conflict.  There are between 200,000 and 600,000 combatants who have been diagnosed with TBI/PTSD.

Untreated TBI/PTSD can bring with it disabling symptoms, including loss of short-term memory and executive functioning , migraines, sleep disruption, loss of impulse control, depression, rapid mood changes, photophobia and hyper-vigilance.  Left untreated, the disabled individual Continue reading