In His Own Words: Nathan LaFayette

A group reached out to us recently to present something they are doing to help with the awareness issue.  This is a common occurrence in the TCB Mailbag, however rarely do you get to see them, call it screening, as I do not want to promote just to promote, I believe that if you have a good product, plan, or story you can get on the blog.

When Chartis, an insurance company approached us they had a unique way to get their message across, a first person account from a former professional athlete.  Keeping with the hockey theme I present you Nathan LaFayette and his story about concussions, as part of a promotion for aHead of the Game®.  An initiative to reduce the risks of concussions and other head injuries in youth sports. Through greater awareness and education, we want to help coaches, parents and young athletes learn signs and symptoms of concussions, seek proper treatment and follow appropriate return to play protocols to avoid the significant dangers of multiple concussions.

Concussions and Youth Sports:

My Lessons Learned in Pro Hockey

and How We Can Teach Children to Play Smart

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