Another Mom Lends A Hand To TCB

As The Concussion Blog enters into its second year of existence many have given their opinion of our work here; some negative but a great majority has been positive.  Along with the critiques (always welcome) has come an urge for people to write and share experiences.  This has mainly been accomplished in the comment section of the posts, but others like Michelle Trenum have given time to write and send information. 

Today I would like to introduce another Parent Advocate, Tracey Mayer.  She will be offering up her writings to The Concussion Blog as a resource to the readers, especially the parents out there.  As time allows she (and possibly her son Drew) will be submitting posts for you to read.  I truly hope that everyone gets a chance to read about concussions from yet another perspective.  Thank you Tracey!

TRACEY MAYER — Thursday, September 14, was the three-year mark from the date my son, Drew, sustained a concussion during a freshman high school football game.  My heart was heavy that day, as it is to some extent every day, but I also felt energized on the anniversary; based upon all that has been accomplished in the areas of concussion awareness, education and research since his injury.

Drew attended a day of training for a leadership program at his high school on the anniversary.  One of the topics the students will be presenting to underclassmen is depression.  The leadership group was looking to find someone Continue reading