MLB Concussion Wrap Up 2011

The regular season has ended and post-season baseball in under way.  After our last update there was another flurry of activity regarding head injuries and concussions.  One injury was actually listed as a concussion (Jason Repko) the others added to the list below – both as an “official” concussion and the “questionable” list – had some interesting stories.

Lucas Duda of the Mets hit the wall in a game and was removed due to dizziness but it was never classified as a concussion, even though as his exertion level increased his symptoms returned.

Angel Pagan also of the Mets was doing warm up swings when he hit his own head with the bat.  He too had to be removed from playing due to a headache and it recurred the next day. Continue reading

MLB Concussion Update

The number of official concussions in Major League Baseball has doubled in one day; as two players are diagnosed with one.  Brian Roberts of the Baltimore Orioles and Chris Dickerson of the New York Yankees join Erick Almonte on the list.

Roberts is having headaches and it is unknown at this time what is the origin of them, however they are classifying his injury as concussion like symptoms and placing him on the 7-day DL.

Dickerson took a fastball to the helmet that shattered his bill and required him to visit the hospital.  Manager Joe Girardi indicated that he likely sustained a concussion, since has been corroborated via @Ledger_Yankees;

Dickerson has a concussion. He’s in good spirits. Still has mark on the side of his face, cut from broken edge of helmet pinching down.

This brings the season total to three.  As more hit the wires feel free to send us a note.

Almonte on 7-day DL

The Brewers have announced Erick Almonte has been put on the new 7-day disabled list with a concussion.  Almonte is the first Major League player to be placed on the DL specifically set up for concussions.  The Associated Press article states that he was hit with a thrown ball during batting practice.  Almonte complained of dizziness and had a welt above the eye.  This will be something to keep track of over the next several days.

Escobar First MLB 7-Day’er?

Yunel Escobar (Toronto Blue Jays) could become the first player to placed on the 7-day concussion DL that MLB instituted just prior to the season.  Slam Sports has all the info and a GREAT picture of the actual injury.

“He smoked me,” LaRoche told reporters, of the collision. “I was going to be real surprised if he didn’t (come out of the game). I didn’t know where in the head it got him.”

Replays showed Escobar’s helmet smashing into LaRoche’s right knee; the collision wrenching his neck at an odd angle. A club trainer stayed with him overnight, wakening him every two hours to check his condition.

Yes most of us would be puzzled as to why he was allowed to continue?  Add to that the constant awakening of him, puzzling?  The current management would indicate that a concussion (a closed brain injury with NO bleeding) should be allowed to rest, including uninterrupted sleep.  Never the less, all eyes will be on how the Jays handle this, and being in Toronto, he is in good hands.

@Stephania_ESPN is confirming the concussion of Escobar, however the Jays ARE NOT putting him on the 7-day DL.

Blue Jays SS Yunel Escobar has concussion. First under new MLB policy. Not going on 7-day DL. Will need clearance from league to return.


7 Day DL For MLB

As we also reported back in October Major League Baseball has instituted a concussion specific disabled list.  Previously the shortest stint was a 15 day version, putting the teams in limbo with players that had a concussion.  As we have seen with research a vast majority of those concussed recover in a 7-10 day time frame, this would have precluded teams in MLB from putting a player on the DL.  Essentially playing a man-down until the player recovered, or it was determined that the resolution of the injury would be longer than 15 days.

The new DL and guidelines is definitely a good thing for awareness, and it should allow more teams to be transparent with the concussion episode.

“The one thing you don’t want to do is put someone in position the day after or two days later all of a sudden by saying, ‘Are you feeling OK?”’ Morneau said. “The worst thing you can do with a concussion is rush back to play. You’re diagnosed and you have a week and if it clears up like most people hope it does and they usually do, with most people it’s short-term, that’s the best-case scenario.”

In my opinion this will now allow all concussions to immediately addressed in MLB, Continue reading