Love with Concussion

It’s the classic “mild” concussion, you know the same “mild” concussion that sat Sidney Crosby out for over a year or the same “mild” concussion that put Jonathan Toews off the ice for 22 games.  You know its only “mild”…  For PETE’S SAKE there is absolutely nothing mild about this brain injury, please read the link!

Wow, I feel better..

Last night in Denver Kevin Love, the Minnesota Timberwolf – or is it Timberwolve – was elbowed in the head and crumpled to the floor.  It took a minute then he was helped to his feet with the aid of teammates and ushered to the locker room.  After that quick stop Love went to a local hospital where he was observed overnight.  Fellow Timberwolf, J.J. Barea had this observation;

“As soon as he got hit, I knew he was out. He was talking, but he wasn’t all there, though.”

Like with other high-profile athletes it will be interesting to see how the recovery is handled.  With Minnesota likely not making the playoffs, the prudent action would be to erase all doubts and sit Love for the remainder of the season.  That is what I would advise, if anyone is listening.