Concussion Interview With Mike Ryan

Mike Ryan is an Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist in the NFL.  He has been very good on informing people about concussions, and with his unique experiences his words are worth listening to.  He also has a website that is extremely informative about Sports Medicine (  There was a recent interview with him on discussing the injury and how it is/should be handled.  Unfortunately I cannot embed the video but you can CLICK HERE to see it.

Mike does a wonderful job of telling us that the big hit is not the only hit that can create a concussion, rather any force that can transmit to the brain can cause injury.  As the interview goes on it rolls more into soccer, but that sport seems to be accruing concussions at a good rate as well.

Other subjects they touched on: equipment, baseline testing, recovery, Taylor Twellman, subjective nature of a concussion and much more.

The interview is lengthy, 24+ minutes, but it is a good interview.