How Does NFL Protocol Work? UPDATED

There have been examples of players seemingly being “dazed” by hits and going to the sideline, then returning to play a very short time later.  The most recent example is what happened yesterday in Washington as Mike Vick took a shot to the back of the head and then was motionless for a short time.  Only to rise rather “unsteadily” to be held up by players from both teams as those around him waived on medical attention for him.  You can see in the video below (certain to be pulled so see it quickly) at the 1:15 mark.

The official report was “dirt in the eye” is what caused him to be removed from the game for a short while.  Although it is tough to see through his visor (see sarcasm) while standing there, it appears dirt and grass was being removed from the outside of his helmet.  And this comment from LaRon Landry who tackled Vick on that play;

“I thought he was out myself, just figured, ‘OK, he’s out of there.’” Landry said. “But he was back in there, he’s a fighter.”

Vick has not been the only one, as Marques Colston of the Saints Continue reading