New Book On Concussion

Released September 15th “The Concussion Crisis: The Anatomy of a Silent Epidemic” authors Linda Carroll and David Rosner take an in-depth look at all the situations plaguing this concussion issue; from awareness to assessment to recovery.  Recently in Men’s Health the authors did an interview, answering some of the biggest questions;

Men’s Health: Why don’t you think people take concussions more seriously?

The problem is that concussions are what we call an “invisible” injury. By that, we mean that it has no outward signs and it can’t be seen on conventional brain scans. So, doctors—and patients themselves—need to go on symptoms, which can be subtle. If you’re a coach, for example, it’s hard to get as concerned about an injury you can’t see as one you can see, like a broken ankle.

MH: Why can’t players just wear thicker helmets?

The way to fix the problem is not through better helmets. This isn’t a perfect analogy, but it will give you an idea of why that’s so: Continue reading