Saying No To Return to Play

On a website with a tag line “About-From-For Physicians” a staff writer wrote an article about the troubles physicians have in returning athletes to play.  It is the job of a physician to protect the patient, but there are gray areas that toil with the mind.  Not unlike physicians, athletic trainers face the same situations, but with out an ‘MD’ behind their name.

But what about those gray areas? It’s the championship game, three points down in the fourth quarter with six minutes left on the clock at the 20-yard line. The star wide receiver receives a nasty tackle, and you know he’s suffered a minor concussion. As the professional team physician, you know what you must do, but the wide receiver is begging you to let him play, and the coach is breathing down your neck with threats and pleas. Or what about the senior high-school athlete whose only shot at a college education Continue reading