Vonn Now Doing The Right Thing

We have been following Lindsey Vonn’s injury from the onset (2/4/11), through her saying all the right things (2/10/11) and now with her pulling out of the rest of the World Championships (via Yahoo! Sports);

No longer willing to risk further injury as she copes with the aftereffects of a mild concussion, the Olympic downhill champion has decided to withdraw from her remaining events at the world championships.

That Vonn was cleared to ski when still reporting such symptoms drew a wave of criticism. If a second impact occurs before someone completely gets over an initial concussion it can have life-altering effects.

Vonn had a head scan the day after her crash but was never banned from skiing by the U.S. team. She passed a series of concussion protocol exams multiple times each day during the championships.

That information did not slip one of the foremost writers on this injury, Alan Schwarz Continue reading