Playing With Concussion In Soccer: Not A Good Idea

Since you have been following the blog you certainly know that soccer or (futbol or football) is very high on the scale of concussion risk.  This is not only due to collisions but to heading the ball; remember that the unanticipated traumatic events in all sports lead to a disproportionate amount of brain injury.  This occurs often in soccer, a sport without helmets or any head protection for that matter.  You also know that playing with concussion symptoms can lead to further damage and even serious consequences – particularly in adolescents.

Let us take the example of Leeds United’s Darren O’Dea.  On Wednesday, October 26th Leeds played a game in which they won 1-0, however O’Dea complained of dizziness after the match and taking a blow to the head.  The player (O’Dea) then proclaimed himself “fit” for yesterday’s match against Cardiff City.

Early on in Sunday’s match Leeds scored with some help from O’Dea but from there it went wrong for the player and team; Continue reading