Monday Quick Hits

Some interesting notes, not from this past Sunday, rather the week prior as two stories caught our eye.  The first is dealing with Houston Texan quarterback Matt Schaub and the handling of his injury evaluation after he got hit in Denver;

The Houston Texans were questioned by the league about the team’s handling of quarterback Matt Schaub’s return to action after one play in last week’s win over the Denver Broncos after he suffered a jarring blindside hit by linebacker Joe Mays, sources said.[…]

The recommendation from the league’s Head, Neck and Spine Committee is that a player involved in a significant collision should be removed from the field so the doctor can utilize the NFL Sideline Concussion Tool, which has six basic cognitive tests, all of which must be passed by the player. On average, a medical source said, the test takes about eight to 10 minutes to administer.

As I was watching the game I wondered out loud how he was not being evaluated for a concussion.  The blow was to his head and he grabbed his head and writhed in pain on the field.  The sideline assessment can take as short as four minutes but usually is longer as they take the player back in the tunnel or locker room for assessment.  Last Monday Will Carroll asked what I thought and I told him that I was very concerned that nothing was done, especially with how vigilant the league is trying to be.

With the conversation with Will I also theorized why, Continue reading