Kansas Act

The Kansas Governor has recently signed in to law the Head Injury Prevention Act, which is an effort to make those aware of concussion issues.  The Act, like other states, has the mechanism for removal and return to play/clearance.  The Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) has put forth the recommendations outlined in the Act that each school must follow.  The highlights include;

  • If removed they “should not” return the same day
  • If removed they need a “health care provider” written clearance
  • Health care provider is: MD or DO
  • Information and Release Waiver that must be signed prior to competition
  • KSHSAA included the Zurich graded RTP protocol

Link to the KSHSAA Concussion Guidelines.

Kansas is the 19th state to sign legislation.  Thank you to reader Justin C. for sending this information in!