Add Kentucky to the List

Just before the second biggest day in the state this year (behind the UK/Louisville game) Kentucky becomes the 34th state (by our count) to enact some concussion legislation;

House Bill 281 is now law. Governor Steve Beshear signed the bill at Central High School in Louisville, a school rich in football history. The bill is designed to protect all student athletes in Kentucky who suffer a concussion.

It requires coaches, trainers and athletic directors to not only receive training on how to recognize a concussion but to also act in the best interest of the student’s health before allowing that student to play again.[…]

Neurologist Tad Seifert was at Central High for the signing. He says the second hit to a concussed head can be a life-changing blow, “speech, memory, motor skills, it would be very similar to somebody that’s had a devastating stroke” said Dr. Seifert.

It is worth noting that legislation is only a step in the process.  Having mandatory recognition for those involved with adolescent sports is a good beginning.  We all can do much more than the bare minimum, that being said, good job Kentucky.