2012 NFL Concussion Information

As we begin a new season there is hope that the injury of concussion will be taken more seriously by the players.  The league itself is at least playing lip service and outwardly showing concern; it is now up to the players, the same ones who have told us that they would play through or lie about concussions to continue playing (looking at you Urlacher and Polamalu).

The teams have only been through one weekend of practice and we have our first concussion to report.  Now would be a good time to call upon all of you followers to keep an eye out during preseason and beyond.  I cannot compile the most comprehensive list of NFL concussions without your help.  Please send info along the way, and thanks to @nflconcussions for also doing the same.  All of that said our first concussion of 2012 (that we can find) is Jermichel Finley of the Packers, according to his wife;

Finley’s wife Courtney Finley spilled the news on Twitter and Aaron Nagler was sharp enough to capture it before it was subsequently deleted. Finley has a concussion, according to his wife.

“Got a slight very mild concussion at practice yesterday & protocol is to sit a few days,” she wrote and then deleted on Twitter.

As you can see we can expect more secrecy about concussions going forward, that is why you – the reader – is so important for this project.  Not only will players take it upon themselves to keep it quiet, teams will be fining players for talking about concussions as well; Continue reading