NY Times Blog at Mayo

Jeff Z. Klein of the NY Times has been in Rochester, Minnesota at The Ice Hockey Summit, blogging during the event (this is for the Slap Shot Blog, dedicated to hockey, of the New York Times).

In one of his later posts he reported that Jason Mihalik of the University of North Carolina, presented on the most dangerous sport in terms of concussions in the NCAA, woman’s ice hockey.

The concussion rate in N.C.A.A. women’s ice hockey is 2.72 per 1,000 player hours. For men’s ice hockey it’s 1.47 per 1,000. Even for N.C.A.A. football, the rate is 2.34 per 1,000 — lower than it is for the women on the ice.

Concussions comprised about 25 percent of the injuries in women’s ice hockey, the highest cause of injury in the sport. In men’s ice hockey concussions account for 9 percent of the injuries (No. 2 in the sport), and in football they account for 7 percent (No. 3 in the sport).

And a little note about woman’s ice hockey, CHECKING IS NOT ALLOWED!!!  Go Figure.

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