Ideas to End Football Head Trauma

Jeff Pearlman of has wrote an editorial delving into ways to curb the head injuries in football, more specifically the NFL.  The op-ed piece is on as well.  He proposes five ideas to curb the issue;

Change the helmets: When it comes to helmets, the clichéd belief is that the NFL needs to delve into its bag of technological tricks to come up with a safer, more secure, more layered product. That’s nonsense. In professional football, a hard hit is a hard hit, and if one’s head is jarred by a 300-pound man flying through the air at full speed, no amount of outer protection will save his brain from rattling against his skull.

Ignore the desires of the NFL’s executives and owners: As we speak, the league and the union are fighting over various issues and trying to avoid a lockout. One of the key points is the league’s so-insanely-and-ruthlessly-greedy-it-makes-me-want-to-vomit desire to move from a 16- to 18-game regular season.

Suspend players for the season: How about this? Continue reading