Is Rugby Staring Down The Barrel

We have highlighted the “slow” response to the concussion issue that rugby has struggled with in the recent past.  Sure the International Rugby Board (IRB) has given monies for research and looked into their policies, traditionally the sports outside of North America have not been as concerned with the issue.  Heck the first article taking the sport to task was the one linked above.

Just like the previous article the Irish Times has once again brought it to the forefront.  After framing the story with the law suit filed by the former NFL players the IT looks at rugby;

Within the last year professional Irish rugby players Bernard Jackman and John Fogarty have both retired from the game due to ongoing issues with concussion, while the International Rugby Board (IRB) last month issued a new “more robust” set of guidelines regarding the recognition and treatment of concussion in players.

Players are not permitted to wear heavily-padded protection, which was being promoted by Australian back Berrick Barnes, who recently took time out of the game because of repeated concussions, but now hopes to play in this summer’s World Cup. Continue reading