Dream Come True

With the breaking news that the NFL and NFLPA will employ independent athletic trainers at games to oversee all concussion-related injuries I am extremely proud.

As a direct result of the Cleveland Browns’ failure to test quarterback Colt McCoy for a concussion on the sideline during a game, the NFL will alert all 32 teams that, effective this week, an independently certified athletics trainer will be assigned to monitor all suspected concussion-related injuries, a league official confirmed Tuesday.

Granted we were not the only ones politely asking the NFL to make necessary changes, Mike Florio and Will Carroll have also been writing about it, but I believe our blog to be the first to suggest that an athletic trainer would be best suited for this position.

I am in no way saying we were the catalyst, but there was a conversation with a NFLPA representative regarding this proposition just after the Colt McCoy incident.

The athletic trainer will have an overall understanding of minutia of sports and injuries, as well as a fundamental background on what to look for and the proper protocol.

This is great news, the NFL and NFLPA deserve a ton of credit for making this move!