Helmets First

For youth, riding a bike is a favorite form of exercise and fun. But accidents do happen and parents should make sure they provide protection for their kids. For many, wearing a helmet while riding a bike is seen as a weakness, but kids should wear a helmet when riding a bike because you just never know what might happen. Dr. Joseph Cangas, a Columbia, IL pediatrician, is on a mission to get kids to start wearing bike helmets. He founded Helmets First in 2004 and gives away approximately 2,000 helmets each year to kids in the St. Louis area. ‘The Helmet Doctor’ not only gives away helmets, but he also educates the kids through school assemblies, bike rodeos, and other safety events.
Helmets First originated when the pediatrician discovered how few of his patients wore a bike helmet. It has continued to grow as this doctor donates his time and works to educate and equip kids and parents with this important information. Not only does he give away helmets, but also the kids and parents are also instructed on the proper fit of the helmet.
I won’t begin to tell you that wearing a bike helmet is going to definitively prevent a concussion because we all know there is no piece of equipment able to do so. I will, however, tell you that a bike helmet can prevent other head injuries and could potentially save lives. The most recent information I have seen recommends replacing a bike helmet after a single impact which is different from many other helmets.

More information about this non-profit organization can be found at http://www.helmetsfirst.com