AOSSM Helmet Fit Findings

As I prepared for a presentation at a football coaches clinic I was just checking my usual sources for new information when I came across a research study that was put out by the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine regarding concussions and helmet fit.  It was a welcome finding, not only could I use it in my studies but it was a great find to back up the new NFHS helmet rule.

One thing I have learned, the hard way, is that when speaking to coaches simply discussing what the concussion is and how it affects them only goes so far.  They are coaches, they naturally want to know about their opponent (concussions in this case) and how it will affect their team.  I have found that a simple overview of why we are where we are – current research, why it has changed – style of game, what is being done – rules/legislation, and how they can help – awareness/athletic training they seem to be very receptive.  Rarely do I get the chance to explain a new rule and then have research back up the change.

That is what happened on Saturday; NFHS focusing on proper helmet fit and then the AOSSM study; Continue reading