In Depth Article For Fans of Combat Sports

In the blog Head Kick Legend (part of the SB Nation) author David Castillo broke down what concussions mean to fans of combat sports.  However it goes beyond sports like MMA and boxing, it paints a great picture for the reader as to what is going on; not only in the brain at a axonal level, but throughout sports.

It is a very extensive read, but worth your time if you are struggling to figure out what is happening at the cellular level;

So what exactly happens to the brain when it’s rattled? In a mild concussion, a split second hurricane of neural events occurs in which too much calcium impairs the mitochondria cells (the power centers), and leaves the brain lacking in the ability to sufficiently restore glucose in the brain. The younger you are, the more susceptible you are to long term damage. And this damage manifests itself with many different symptoms: dizziness, sensitivity to light, mood disorders, vomiting, confusion, slurred speech, and fatigue. But to dig even deeper on exactly what is being done to the brain upon trauma, experiments with axons have been highlighted off the work of Douglas Smith at the University of Pennsylvania.

Smith builds miniature brains out of rat neurons, which are then ‘hit’ with controlled puffs of air to simulate brain trauma at a molecular level. The axon is like a paperboy, sending neurological news, Continue reading