Hats Off

If you have watched any football over the past year, you may be thinking to yourself, “Helmets sure are coming off players a lot more.”  And you would be correct.  Although there is not a statistic for this, week after week, from the high school level up to the professional level,hats keep coming off.

“I’ve never seen it to the extent it’s taking place this year, at the college level and the pro level,” said Colts president Bill Polian, a member of the NFL’s competition committee. “I’m terribly concerned that we’ve got some sort of issue with the chinstraps or the helmet and we’ve got to look at that.”

The Indianapolis Star ran a story about such issues today.  However, I am about to talk out loud for a moment on this, and your comments/emails would be appreciated on this matter.


Sure, it looks scary and IS more dangerous to play the sport of football without the helmet on, but is it really a bad sign?  The NFL has implemented a good rule that if a ball carrier loses his helmet during action, the play is blown dead and the ball spotted at the point of interruption, as a safety measure.  Getting hit in the head without your headgear could be deadly.  But the fact that helmets are flying off may not be that bad… Hear me out… Continue reading