ATSNJ Presents 3rd Annual Sports Safety Summit

I was lucky enough to get out to New Jersey last year for their second edition of this, and boy was it worth my time and resources.  Eric Nussbaum and the ATSNJ does a great job in getting some of the “hottest” speakers to come and help athletic trainers learn.  This year is no different; the first half of the day will be centered on concussions and the latter half will be various other issues we are facing as athletic trainers: sudden cardiac death, MRSA, heat illnesses, etc.

Sports Safety Summit Brochure, 2012

You can see the brochure above and you can go to their website for further information about this event.  I highly suggest your attendance, and I will make every effort to get out that way again this year.

Super Bowl: A View From an Athletic Trainer

I am sure many of you will see or have seen the documentaries of your favorite team winning the Super Bowl.  The past year the New York Giants won the coveted trophy and the Athletic Trainers Society of New Jersey (ATSNJ) was able to catch up with the athletic training (AT) staff as part of National Athletic Training Month;

Working as an athletic trainer for a professional team requires a lot of time, dedication and frequently some personal sacrifices.  Their typical day starts at 6am and usually ends at 5-6pm, 7 days a week for 6 months.  It’s a very tough season for someone who doesn’t love what they do.   A few minutes spent with any of the Giants athletic training staff quickly reveals that they are very knowledgeable, professional and really enjoy what they do.  Each plays a vital role in keeping the Giants players healthy and functioning at a world championship level.

Eric Nussbaum wrote a good article that has a day-to-day account of what Continue reading