University of Montreal Study

Reported on Tuesday in Science Codex was the findings of a study done in Canada about the effects of concussions on children, adolescents and adults.  Not surprising the study to be published in Brain Injury, showed that all three groups are equally afflicted by the concussion injury.  This is new information because it was thought that with the younger brain after the initial effects of the injury they (children) could recover quicker.  This is mainly due to the ratio of white and gray matter in the brain itself.  Even more peculiar is the difference in sensitivity; adolescent brains more sensitive than the other two.

Principle investigator Dave Ellemberg used both standard neurocognitive testing procedures as well as electrophysiological measurements to determine the overall impact and sensitivity of concussed individuals;

These kinds of injuries mostly affect their working memory – the brain function that enables us to process and store short-term information and that is essential for activities such as reading and mental calculation. “The frontal regions of the brain are more vulnerable to concussions. These areas oversee Continue reading