Matt Chaney’s Take on NFL “Testing”

This blog is devoted to concussions, but there are issues out there that most want to know about.  One being the steroid/HGH issue in sports, heck it was all the talk today prior to the CBA being ratified.  Matt Chaney might be one of the best sources on the subject you have never heard of.  Matt has his own blog but has been busy working at a location where he is unable to blog as often as he likes.  Today he sent over a post that will be on his blog soon but for now we will post it here.  Matt plans on revising some of this with further sourcing and information, but if you are interested in the NFL drug testing issue he is a great source of information.

NFLPA Must Resist Unvalidated Blood Testing for HGH

I. Introduction

I am Matt Chaney, a Missouri-based writer with over 20,000 hours of study and writing in the issue of anabolic substances in American football. My expertise is rooted in my experience of reluctantly using synthetic testosterone as an NCAA football player in 1982, and I authored the 2009 book Spiral of Denial: Muscle Doping in American Football.

My persuasion here is to detail primary reasons why the National Football League Players Association must resist blood testing that remains unavailable for independent scientific review. Never have I advocated the use of muscle drugs in any sport, but I am strictly opposed to faulty detection methods—such as the invalid, unreliable urinalysis that American football has employed since 1986.

Testing for anabolic steroids—established by the International Olympic Committee in 1976 and adopted by National Football League commissioner Continue reading