WSYR Report on Concussions

This news piece by WSYR in Syracuse, New York examines the concussion issue.

Skaneateles football player Ben Epolitto was returning a kickoff when his concussion occurred. It was caused by a helmet-to-helmet hit with an opposing player. “I went black for a second. I was really dazed,” he said. “I realized after the game I had a throbbing headache.”

Epolitto didn’t report his injury, however, and continued to play. “I didn’t even know what I was doing,” he said.

Thanks for the heads up from Syracuse Hockey Mom’s Network.

If you allow the video to continue to roll you will see other pieces on concussions.

A side note, we had the privilege of having Dr. Brian Rieger out to our area in 2008 for a Concussion Discussion as a keynote speaker.  His information and trailblazing work in the state of New York should be called upon more often.