Daniels Dash: Why it MUST be run

ddtOur last “Outreach” writer, Ashlee Quintero, eloquently wrote about her experiences with concussion issues.  As the Concussion Program Coordinator at UHealth Sports Medicine she is involved in many things, one of which is very dear to her.  It is a 5k run in the honor of Daniel Brett, a South Florida kid that sustained concussions and was not properly treated for a long period of time.  Below is his story and information on Daniel’s Dash (2013 Flyer).  The following was written by his mother, Diana Pilar Brett;


Daniel’s Story 

dd1On August 24th, 2009, our son Daniel made starting linebacker for Cypress Bay High School’s JV football team.  It was a victory for him and his first major step in actualizing his desire to play in college. It was also his last day ever playing football.

At 5’9”, 160 lbs. he wasn’t big, but he was tough and fearless, and he thought it was the way to be, to one day play for his dream team, the University of Miami Hurricanes.  No pain, no gain.

Daniel began playing football at 11, and never looked back. Tough and versatile, he played offense, defense, and special teams, rarely getting off the field. He loved it, and he was good.  Determined, he did all that was needed: kept in shape, practiced hard, kept up his grades, and never complained. No, he never complained and never told anyone when he was hurt up until August 24th, 2009.  Continue reading