Former AFL’er Opens Up

Daniel Bell was like any kid growing up in Australia, he wanted to play on the hallowed grounds of the AFL.  As his journey began playing youth footy he was wearing a helmet for extra head protection.  That ended when at the age of 15 he felt both out-of-place on the field with something many others were not wearing and his perception he (more specifically his head) was targeted due to the helmet.  Now Bell is struggling to get through a day without issues related to head trauma.

“Players who hear Daniel’s story will realise the importance of being open and honest with their doctors.”

Earlier on Thursday, Bell said his motivation for raising the issue was to encourage clubs to embrace “brain training”, similar to the treatment he is receiving at Elite Minds, for players that suffer concussion.

“Now, you let [concussion] settle down and then you play again. You don’t do that with a hamstring; you do rehab to improve the muscle to get it back to where it was at,” he told SEN on Thursday morning. Continue reading