Concussion Trending Stories

This morning I looked for the trending stories on concussions and the top three are as follows.

Concussions Bring More Scrutiny in Youth Football

  • Naturally this is stemming from the Pop Warner fallout; the game that resulted in five concussions and discipline against the adults that were coaching the game.
  • It brings up the debate of should kids that young be playing collision football.

As evidence mounts that repetitive head injuries can have a cumulative effect, and leagues at all levels take steps to improve player safety, parents said games where one team is physically overmatched should be stopped right away. Football is tough enough when the sides are fair, some parents said.

  • Massive size and skill advantages not with standing is it really a good idea to have our 5-12 year old’s go out there and be put in a situation where head trauma is not only present, but likely?


Dale Jr. Cleared to Return

  • I have been sort of quiet on this particular concussion; mainly because I feel it was handled correctly.
  • If you follow racing sports you will notice that concussions are relatively low for the amounts of accidents that occur on a track at high-speed.  A couple of theories on that, one and most importantly Continue reading