First Chance to Win App

Send in your email, tweets, or comments for your first chance to win an app…  Deadline is noon (PST) tomorrow, Friday the 9th…

Name the winner of the B1G Ten Conference Tournament (1st tiebreaker is total points in the final, second tiebreaker is opponent).

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Concussion App Giveaway – Week Two Question Update

In recognition of Athletic Training Month and Brain Injury Awareness Month, PAR Inc. has teamed up with us to give you a chance to win a concussion app of your choice (descriptions below) each week through the month of March.  Not only is March known for these two great programs; we also have come to know March as a time for college basketball.

With this in mind each week there will be a question/guess asked of you pertaining to college basketball and the closest to the answer will win the app of their choice.  No worries, you will also have an opportunity to do well in the brackets of March Madness and win the app as well.

Week Three – Deadline March 22nd 4:00pm PDT:

Who will have the largest winning margin over the weekend? (1st TB is who they played, 2nd TB is who has lowest winning margin)

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Week Two – Deadline March 15th10:30 PDT:

How many wins will 9-16 seeds get Thurs through Sunday (1st tiebreaker the highest (16 being the highest) seed to win in round 1, 2nd TB is highest seed to win in round two) – example: 16, 11, 4

Send in via tweet, email, or in the comment section…


Week One – Deadline March 9th 12:00pm PST:

Name the winner of the B1G Ten Conference Tournament (1st tiebreaker is total points in the final, second tiebreaker is opponent) – example Illinois 54 – Northwestern 52, or Illinois, 106, Northwestern…

Send it in via tweet, comment section or email, and good luck!


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  2. Send in your answers/guesses by specified deadline
  3. If you choose…  set up your bracket at Yahoo! through this LINK (pw=tcb)
  4. If you win choose which app and send that information to

Yup it is that simple…  Good Luck…


Here is the description of the apps; Continue reading


Concussion Recognition & Response App is what it is called, however what it can do can be very helpful for those looking to help an athlete in need after a possible head injury.  With any medical app’s for smart phones it DOES NOT replace a clinical evaluation by a medical professional.  That being said any “layman” using this technology will easily be able to discern if the current injury need to go to an ER or sit out until evaluated by proper medical personnel.

The app was designed and constantly evaluated by a whole team of researchers and physicians, the two of note are Jason Mihalik, PhD and Gerad Gioia, MD.  The intended purpose of the app is to help those less informed, without proper health care available (see athletic trainer/MD) identify if a person is exhibiting signs and Continue reading