The Other Football Concussion Issue

We have written about the perils of soccer on here a few times, including some cases; probably not enough.  Strike that last comment, it has not been enough.  Soccer has a concussion issue, one that is lying just beneath the surface waiting to rear its ugly head.  I will freely admit that I have done a disservice by not bringing more attention to this sport, but thankfully there is a writer who took a deeper look and provides excellent commentary on the issue.

His name, Leander Schaerlaekens and he writes for on the soccer side of things.  His article was not only a case-by-case indictment of the concussion issue in soccer; it provided some insight to why the issue is there;

In spite of the attention they’ve gotten, ice hockey and football of the gridiron variety do not have a monopoly on concussions. Soccer, which has long had a reputation for being a relatively safe sport in the U.S., is nearly as likely to cause brain injury.

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