Home State has Concussion Education for Public

In Windsor, Colorado the Park District holds concussion education classes for the public three times a month; it is their part in raising awareness about the process of concussion.  This endeavor is in response to the Jake Sankenburg Act signed into law nearly a year ago in Colorado.  The Tribune serving the Greeley and surrounding area (did I mention that Colorado is the best place, EVER) wrote a story about the classes;

“Kids seem to be actually more susceptible to the problems with concussion than adults, which is kind of surprising because we tend to think of kids as being more plastic, meaning if that if they do incur an injury they tend to bounce back pretty quickly,” Kary said. “Actually, the opposite is true with concussions. I think it’s really imperative that we get the message out to parents to take this seriously because our generation was a bump in the head and kind of get back in the game and rub it off or shake it off.” Continue reading