Juan Nicasio Injury

On Friday night Juan Nicasio, pitcher for the Colorado Rockies was drilled in the head by a line drive.  In the immediate aftermath, and before I broke down the video, I was wondering why with the mechanism of injury they were so concerned with the neck.  Before I go on, there are protocols that all emergency medical providers must follow in regards to head injuries.  The most paramount of that being that if there is a head injury we should ALWAYS suspect a neck injury.  That protocol was mainly put in place for those that do not see the injury occur and cannot identify the mechanism of injury.  When dealing with head injuries as an athletic trainer it is a rare occurrence that a player would be c-collared and spine boarded; this is because we usually see the injury happen and understanding how physics act upon an injured part helps us make that decision.

In my experience I have spine boarded about 8 athletes and EVERY SINGLE ONE of them had Continue reading