Interesting Side Effect Of Concussions In NFL

With the continued focus on the concussion issue throughout the sporting world the major focus is without a doubt on the National Football League.  What should merely be an injury issue all of its own may now be harboring a  troubling side, “damaged goods”.  Eric Ball of Bleacher Report has opined about such a case in the League, Clinton Portis;

Sure Portis isn’t half the back he once was when he rushed for 1,591 yards and 14 TDs in 2003, but there is still gas left in the tank. He has been dealing with concussion issues for the better part of the past two seasons at the worst possible time. Nobody ever really cared about concussions before the New York Times began to do some investigative reporting into the matter. Now it’s one of the top priorities of the league. Portis would have missed half the time he did in 2010 if the concussion controversy hadn’t erupted.

Perhaps in the past teams either didn’t know of previous head injuries or looked the other way; there were surely players in the past that have dealt with repeated issues as they relate to concussions and were signed (Troy Aikman and Steve Young come to mind).  The concussion issue is just an injury and should be treated no different from Continue reading